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Can I Take Grape Juice While on Dialysis

Can I Take Grape Juice While on DialysisDialysis removes waste from your blood. A dialysis diet also helps to decrease the amount of waste that builds up in your blood. You will need to follow a dialysis diet if you are receiving dialysis treatments. Then, can grape juice be taken by patients while on dialysis?

As for dialysis patients, they are at the end stage of renal disease (ESRD). At this time, the kidneys fail to keep the electrolyte balance, resulting in abnormal level of potassium or phosphorous. As a result, the doctor always tells the patients to have a restricted diet. Sodium, potassium, phosphorous and fluids need to be limited. Now, let’s see what are the properties in grape juice and whether it is good for dialysis patients.

Actually, patients with dialysis are allowed to take grape juice, because grapes are low in potassium and phosphorus. Besides, it contains protein. As you know, at the early period of dialysis, patients are required to supply more protein than before. On this point, grape juice is a good choice. Except grape juice, they can make other juices, including low level of potassium, from apples, berries, blackberries, peaches, pineapple, raspberries and strawberries. Juices including low phosphorus level include cranberry juice, lemon juice, root beer and ginger ale.

However, it does not mean that you can take grape juice freely. You still have to keep the intake under a controlled amount, especially for those who have diabetes and those who are taking certain medicines that may interact with grape juice. In that case, patients with dialysis should consult their doctors or dietitians.

I also want to tell you that dialysis can just remove the wastes and toxins in the blood instead of eliminating the pathogenic factors. What’s more, dialysis patients may also experience many complications such as vomiting, infection, poor quality of sleep or skin problems. The most important thing is that dialysis cannot repair the damaged kidneys and rebuild the normal structure of kidneys. In other words, kidney disease is not treated from the root.

Dialysis is not a good choice in the long run. We hope we can help you to get rid of dialysis soon. You can contact us by leaving a message below or consulting our experts online.

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