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Lists of Foods to Avoid with Hypertensive Nephropathy

Lists of Foods to Avoid with Hypertensive NephropathyFor People with Hypertensive Nephropathy, they need to find out what foods are beneficial for their health. If not, improper diet will put extra strain on the kidneys and aggravate kidney damage.

In normal condition, the “blood-cleaners” can help excrete metabolic products, toxins, extra fluid, etc out of the body. Meanwhile, they are responsible for the balance of water and electrolyte. However, after exposing to high blood pressure for a long time, the kidneys will be damaged accordingly.

If you or your beloved one happen to be a person with hypertensive kidney disease, I think the following lists of foods to avoid can be really helpful.

Mostly, fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended for people with hypertensive nephropathy, as these foods are usually loaded with vitamins and mineral substances. However, if the lab test show high potassium level, foods rich in potassium should be avoid, if not controlled well, irregular heartbeat or heart failure may occur.

High-potassium foods Banana, strawberry, orange, grape, watermelon, spinach, avocado, yam and so on.

High-sodium foods As mentioned above, this disorder has close connection with hypertension, so the dietary principle must be low in salt, otherwise, symptoms like swelling and edema will be worsen. Thereby, foods like bacon, sausage, butter, shrimp, fast foods, canned foods, etc should be limited.

High-protein foods To decrease the workload of kidneys and minimize the accumulation of wastes, it is of great importance to eat less high protein foods. And these foods can be found in oat, lotus seed, soybean, broad bean, pork liver, peanut, walnut, etc.

High-phosphorus foods Due to decline in kidney function, excess phosphorus will build up in the body. To prevent itchy skin, osteoporosis or bone fracture, high-phosphorus foods should be avoided or at least restricted. For example, nuts, dairy products, dried small shrimps, chocolate and so on.

If there is anything unclear about lists of foods to avoid with hypertensive nephropathy, please firstly let us know by emailing Good luck!

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