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Can Drink Beer with PKD

Can Drink Beer with PKD“Can I drink beer?” This is a question posed by PKD patients. PKD is a kidney problem that causes no symptoms in initial stage, but may affect all the body systems when develops to advanced stage. Therefore, trying to stop illness progression is very important. Beer is a common and good drink to relieve summer heat. However, for PKD patients, can they drink beer as freely as others?

PKD patients are not suggested to drink beer due to the following several factors:

1. PKD is a kidney problem characterized by countless cysts in kidney. In early stage, cysts in kidney are less and small, which causes no influence on kidney function. However, over time kidney cysts become larger and larger. Enlarged kidney cyst put extra oppress on nearby kidney tissues and affect them from functioning properly, leading to the decline of kidney function. Alcohol in beer stimulate kidney cyst and can cause the further enlargement of kidney cyst. For this reason, PKD patients need to avoid drinking too much beer.

2. Frequent drinking of beer will affect nitrogen balance in the body and increase the catabolism of protein. The metabolic product of protein is urea nitrogen which needs to be excreted out of the body through kidney. Therefore, drinking lots of beer will increase kidney burden and worsen kidney condition.

3. Some acidic material will be formed in the body when alcohol is broken down in the body and this can contribute to the occurrence of metabolic acidosis which usually appears easily when PKD deteriorates to end stage.

4. Lastly, drinking beer frequently may also cause elevation of blood pressure, anemia, dysfunction of platelet, hyperlipemia, and atherosclerosis, which is not helpful for PKD patients to have a tight control about their illness.

In sum, PKD patients need to avoid drinking too much beer, so as to protect residual kidney function from being impaired.

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