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What Can Kidney Patient Benefit From Olive Oil

What Can Kidney Patient Benefit From Olive OilPatients with kidney disease should be careful in deciding what to eat. And olive oil is a famous healthy food, so, what can kidney patient benefit from olive oil?

In fact, olive oil can provide lots of benefits to patient’s health, and here we will introduce some obvious benefits that patient’s can get from this substance.

1. Obvious benefits for patient’s cardiovascular system:

There is abundant ω-3 fatty acid in olive oil, and this substance can relax patient’s artery, and prevent the formation of thrombus by decreasing the stickiness of blood platelet and reduce the amount of fibrinogen. And this function of olive oil can keep the smooth of blood circulation.

Olive oil can reduce the amount of homocysteine, so it can prevent the damage that is caused by this substance. And olive oil contains squalene, which can increase the amount of HDL and decrease the amount of LDL, and that is very beneficial for patient’s cardiovascular health, because much LDL can cause cardiovascular problems easily.

As we know, cardiovascular diseases are a major factor that can threaten patient’s life. So, olive will be a great help in protecting patient’s body health.

2. Improving patient’s digestive function:

Olive oil contains nutrients like unsaturated fattyacid, vitamin A, D, E, F, K, carotene, etc, which are fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant, and they do not contain cholesterol, so the nutrients in olive oil can be absorbed easily. And some substances in olive oil can promote the excretion of bile and improve the vigour of pancreatin, which can promote the degradation of grease.

Besides, olive oil can also provide kidney patient obvious benefits like preventing osteoporosis, cancer, and improving the function of patient’s endocrine system.

In the end, if you are not sure about whether olive oil is suitable for you, you can email us your detailed condition, so we can give you guidance in your diet.

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