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Can Patients With Kidney Disease Eat Guava

Can Patients With Kidney Disease Eat Guava  Guava is a fruit native to America, and it has delicious taste, so it is loved by most people. While patients with kidney disease have many restrictions in what they eat, so can patient with kidney disease eat guava?

Just like many other fruits, guava is a fruit that can take many benefits to our health, while patient with kidney disease should also be careful when he is going to eat guava.

What benefits can guava take to patient with kidney disease?

1.Improving immunity: there are abundant nutrients in guava, and the content of vitamin C is especially high. While vitamin C plays a very important role in our immune system. On one aspect, it is very important for the compounding of immune cells. One the other hand, it can improve immune cells’ ability of recognizing and killing antigen.

2. Controlling blood sugar: if patient’s kidney disease is caused by diabetes, guava will be very helpful for controlling his condition. Because guava has polyphenol, and its function is just like insulin that can regulate our blood sugar level.

3.Regulating blood pressure: the content of potassium in guava is very abundant, and potassium is important in regulating our blood pressure. Eating guava can help prevent high blood pressure, besides, it is also beneficial for our heart health.

4. Others benefits: except for these obvious benefits that guava can provide to patient, it can also take many other benefits to their health. For example, guava is beneficial in helping lose weight and treating constipation. Besides, it also have the function of preventing cancer.

Why patient with kidney disease should be careful in eating guava?

Patient with kidney disease often has the metabolic disorder of phosphorus and potassium, and they can cause many problems to patient’s health. While the contents of these substances in guava are abundant. So if patient has this aspect’s problem, he may need to avoid taking guava, and if he do not has this problem, like patient in the early stage of kidney disease, guava will be a good choice for him.

Every patient has his own condition, so if you need any help in choosing what to eat, you can consult our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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