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What Are The Benefits Of Onion For Patient With Kidney Disease

Benefits Of Onion For Patient With Kidney DiseaseOnion is a very common vegetable in our life, and it is an necessary food in our life. In fact, onion can provide many benefits to our body health, and it can also take many benefits to patient with kidney disease.

1.Protecting cardiovascular health: onion has the effect of protecting patient’s cardiovascular health, because it contains a substance called prostglndin A, and it is the only vegetable that has been found containing prostglndin A. This substance has the function of expanding blood vessel and reducing blood viscosity, which can prevent the appearance of thrombus. Besides, onion also contains abundant onion, which can prevent the oxidation of low density lipoprotein, and that can provide effective protection if patient has atherosis.

2.Preventing renal osteopathy: onion contains a kind of ketone, and its effect is like estrogen, which can help increase the density of bone, and that can help patient prevent renal osteopathy.

3.Promoting digestion: onion contains abundant capsaicin, which has strong aroma, and that can stimulate the excretion of gastric acid, and that can increase patient’s appetite. As we know, patient with kidney disease often has loss of appetite, so this function is very helpful for patient with kidney disease.

Besides, the ingredient of sulphur in onion can also combine with protein or bacteria, and they will produce hydrogen sulfide, which can promote intestine peristalsis, and the abundant soluble dietary fiber can also promote intestine peristalsis, which can promote patient’s digestion.

4.Preventing infection: infection may be dangerous for patient with kidney disease, because it can aggravate patient’s condition obviously. While onion has bactericidin, which has strong bactericidal ability, so it can prevent infection effectively.

5.Other benefits: onion also has many other benefits, like preventing cancer, improving patient’s skin condition, decrease blood sugar, etc.

Although onion can take many benefits to our health, but patient with kidney disease should also be careful of taking it, because kidney disease can cause many problems to our body, and any nutrient’s intake should also be considered carefully. Thereby, it is necessary to consult his doctor and a dietitian before he makes onion into his eating plan.
In the end, if you need help in deciding if it is good for you to take onion, you can email us you stage and symptoms, and we will give advice in this aspect.
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