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Foods That Cause Creatinine To Increase After Kidney Transplant

Foods That Cause Creatinine To Increase After Kidney TransplantWhat foods can cause creatinine to rise after kidney transplant? Patient who has accepted kidney transplant will be more careful in protecting his kidneys, and he may want to know this aspect.

Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle, and it is a substance that can be used to reflect patient’s kidney function. Thereby, foods that can cause patient to have kidney damage may lead to the increase of creatinine.

Much meat

Except for the creatinine produced by body muscles, creatinine can be gotten from the meat we take, and much meat can cause the increase of creatinine directly. Thereby, if patient want to avoid high creatinine in his blood, avoiding taking much meat will be helpful.

High protein foods

Protein can produce lots of wastes that should be filtered out by kidney, so excess protein intake will increase patient’s kidney burden. Thereby, if patient takes much foods with high protein, like sea foods, beans, etc, that will be harmful for his kidney condition.

Except for the decrease of protein intake, patient should also remember to take foods that contain high-quality protein. Because there are eight kinds of amino acid that can not be compounded by ourselves, and that will need to be gotten from the protein patient takes, or else it is also harmful to patient’s health.

High sodium foods

Too much sodium is not good for patient’s health condition, because sodium can cause patient to have edema and hypertension. And hypertension is dangerous, because it can aggravate patient’s condition severely.

These are the foods that may cause patient to have high creatinine again. In fact,there are many aspects that should be cared by patient with kidney disease, but patient who has accepted kidney transplant may not need to worry about that unless he has gotten kidney problem again.

In the end, if you still have any problem in dealing with your condition, you can leave message to us,and we are glad to help you.

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