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Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease

Foods To Avoid With Kidney DiseaseExcept for the damage in kidney, patients with kidney disease will have many complications, so they will have many restrictions in their diet, and a lot of foods will need to be avoid.

In fact, which food should be avoided is decided by patients’ condition, and different patients will have their own need in their diet. While this article will introduce some common aspects that should be cared by kidney disease patients.

Alcohol: first of all, it is necessary for patients to avoid drinking alcohol, because alcohol can stimulate our organs, and its stimulus to kidney is especially obvious.

High protein foods: patients should avoid take high protein foods, or take these foods under strict restriction, because protein can produce lots of metabolic wastes, which need to be excreted out by our kidney. While this can increase patients’ kidney burden, which will aggravate their condition. So foods like sea foods, beans, meat, etc, should avoid being taken blindly.

It is worth mentioning that patients should avoid take high protein foods, but protein is an important nutrient to our body, and patients will also need to guarantee the amount of body need.

High sodium foods: patients should avoid taking foods that contain large amount of sodium, because the retention of sodium and water is a major cause of edema and hypertension in kidney disease patient. Thereby, it is better for patients to avoid foods like salted products, processed food, etc.

High phosphorus foods: whether patients should restrict this kind of foods depends on their condition. Kidney disease patients often have high phosphorus level in their blood, which can cause many complications. And patients should avoid foods like nuts, chocolate, milk, dairies, etc.

While if patients do not have this problem, they will not need to have this restriction.

High potassium foods: high potassium in blood is also a common condition for patients with kidney disease. While just as phosphorus, whether patients should avoid this kind of foods depends on patients’ own condition. If patients have hyperpotassemia, they will need to avoid foods like beans, banana, orange, potato, tomato, pumpkin, soy sauce, aginomoto, etc.

Besides, patients can also have many other restrictions. For example,if patients have obvious edema, they will need to avoid foods that contain much fluid. For patients whose kidney disease is caused by hypertension and diabetes, they should avoid foods that contain much fat and cholesterol, like fat, dessert, cream, ice cream, peanut, etc. And patients with diabetes will also need to avoid foods that contain much sugar.

As we know, different patients will have their own need in their diet, and which food to avoid is also different for different patients. Thereby, it is better for patients to find the doctor and a dietitian for help in making their eating plan. While if you need any help, you can also contact us, and we are willing to help you.

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