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Good Sources Of Protein For A Person With Low Kidney Function

Good Source Of Protein For A Person With Low Kidney FunctionPatients with low kidney function will have severe kidney disease, and they should have close monitoring in their diet, among which the protein intake is very important, and it is necessary for patients to know what foods are good source for their protein intake.

The relation between protein and kidney

The structural unit of protein is amino acid, and our body will break down the protein into amino acids, which will be transported throughout our body by blood flow, and then build the proteins which are needed by organs and tissues. While when we take more protein than our body need, the excess amino acids in blood will be excreted out as wastes, which is completed by our kidneys. Thereby, the more excess protein patients take, the harder kidney work will be. If patients with kidney disease take excess protein, that will aggravate their kidney disease.

What protein intake should patients have?

Protein is very important for body function, and patients will have more problems if they have the shortage of protein intake. While the excess protein may mean a acceleration of kidney disease. In fact, the right amount of protein intake is 0.8g/kg per day, which can guarantee our body need, and avoid aggravating kidney work and wastes accumulation in blood. On the other hand, there are eight kinds of amino acid that can not be compounded by our body, so patients need high-quality protein in their diet.

What sources of protein are good for patients with low kidney function?

Most people may know that meat, egg white and dairy products are good source of protein. In fact, some plants are also rich protein source, like beans and nuts, etc.

While patients should also be careful if they are going to take these foods as their protein source. For example, if patients have hyperphosphatemia, dairy products, beans and nuts may be not suitable for them, because they contain abundant phosphorus. While if patients have hyperkalemia, beans and nuts may not be a good choice of protein source. But for patients who are in dialysis, they may have the shortage of some minerals, like potassium, calcium, while diary products and beans may be a good choice.

While if patients take meat as their protein source, they can choose the leaner part as their diet, because low-fat foods can help avoid complications like hypertension and heart disease, and fish and egg white may be a good choice in most time.

While patients’ protein intake should also be regulated according to their condition, so it is necessary for patients to ask for their doctor and renal dietitian’s help when they make their eating plan. And if you need any help, you can also contact us, and we are willing to help you.

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