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Can People With Kidney Disease Have Aloe Vera

Can People With Kidney Disease Have Aloe VeraAloe vera is a food which is very common in our life and very beneficial to our health. While patients with kidney disease have many restrictions in their diet, so they may have the question: can people with kidney disease have aloe vera?

In fact, aloe vera can take many benefits to our health, while it is not suitable for patients who has kidney disease.

Benefits of aloe vera to health:

Sterilization and anti-inflammation

There is aloetin in aloe vera, and that is a kind of substance which has strong anti-microbial ability. It can inhibit and eliminate pathogen’s development and reproduction. Besides, the polysaccharides in aloe vera can improve body immunity, and it is very helpful in treating inflammations like dermatitis, chronic nephritis, urocystitis, and so on.

Protecting cardiovascular health

The calcium citrate in aloe vera is very beneficial to cardiovascular health. It can promote the blood circulation, extend blood capillary, reduce the cholesterol content in blood, keep the blood pressure normal, clear the toxins in blood, and so on. That is very helpful to cardiovascular system’s health.


Aloe vera can inhibit the undue immunereaction, and it can promote phagocyte’s phagocytosis, which will help body to remove the metabolic wastes. Besides, it has been proved that some ingredients in aloe vera can improve the liver’s ability of decomposing harmful substances, and it can also clear the external toxins that intrude into body.

Besides, aloe vera also has many other benefits to health, like hairdressing, anti-tumor, anti-aging, improving gastrointestinal ability, etc.

Why patients with kidney disease should not take aloe vera?

In traditional chinese medicine, the property of aloe vera is cold, and its function is clearing heat and discharging fire. While the habitus of people with kidney disease is lack of vital energy, so patients with kidney disease should have foods which can nourish their vitality, like potato, walnut, mushroom, mutton, and so on. While eating aloe vera will aggravate their condition.

Of course, whether people with kidney disease can eat aloe vera is also decided by their habitus. If their condition is not severe, having appropriate amount of aloe vera may take no bad effect to their health.

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