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Is Nettle Tea Beneficial For Patients With Kidney Disease

Is nettle tea beneficial for patients with kidney disease? Many patients with kidney disease have aked this question. In fact, nettle tea has been a natural medicine in traditional chinese medicine for a long history. And it has many benefits to patients with kidney disease.
Benefits for kidney disease

There are abundant proteins, vitamins, and various minerals in nettle tea, which are very important and helpful to body health. It is said that the nutrients in nettle tea is no less than the bean’s and the medicago’s, etc

Nettle tea is a mild diuretic, and this can be a great help to patients with kidney disease, because a common symptom in patients with kidney disease is edema, and most patients with renal parenchymal disease will have edema. While this function of nettle tea can reduce this symptom more or less.
Patients with kidney disease often have hypertension. It is a common complication of kidney disease, and it will also aggravate patients’ kidney damage severely. While nettle tea is helpful in treating high blood pressure, which is a great benefit to patients’ condition.

Nettle tea also has the function of preventing anemia. As we know, patients with kidney disease often feel fatigue, which is mainly caused by anemia, while drinking nettle tea can improve this symptom.
Besides, drinking nettle tea can also dissolve kidney stone and prevent urinary tract infection, which are also great helps for patients with kidney disease.
Other benefits of nettle

In chinese medicine, nettle can be treated as a medicine in medicated bath and lavipeditum.
Besides, nettle is good at treating rheumatic arthritis, dyspepsia,urticaria, etc. And it is also effective in treating snake venom, vomit.
While for patients with kidney disease, they should also consult the doctor’s advice, because wrong use of medicine is easy to cause bad effects to body. Or you can also consult our online experts, and we are willing to help you.

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