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Is Tomato Good For Patients With Kidney Disease

Is Tomato Good For Patients With Kidney DiseasePatients with kidney disease have many strict restrictions in their diet, so they should be careful in what they eat. While tomato is a common food in our life, and it is loved by many people. Thereby, many patients with kidney disease may have this question: is tomato good for patients with kidney disease?

In fact, tomato is a very healthy food to our body, but to patients with kidney disease, they should also be careful when they take it.

Benefits of tomato for patients with kidney disease

Preventing cardiovascular disease: tomato has abundant lycopene, which has well antioxidation. This function of tomato can prevent the accumulation of lipid polymer in vessel wall, which is in favor of preventing angiosclerosis and angiemphraxis, and that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease greatly. Besides, there is a substance which is called P3 in tomato, which is helpful in preventing the coagulation of blood plate, and that is beneficial to the prevention of thrombus.

As we know, patients with kidney disease often have cardiovascular disease, which is also a major reason of death cases. While eating tomato is a good choice in preventing this aspect.

Diuresis: there are abundant potassium and alkaline substances in tomato, which are helpful in promoting the excretion of sodium, and that is beneficial to relieve edema and reduce hypertension. As we know, patients with kidney disease often have edema and hypertension, while this benefit is very useful for kidney disease patients.

Promoting digestion: the organic acids in tomato can promote the excretion of gastric juice, which is helpful in the digestion of fat and protein. And these substances can also improve the gastrointestinal function, which is helpful in the recovery of gastrointestinal diseases. Besides, eating tomato is also helpful in preventing and treating constipation.

Kidney disease patients often have gastrointestinal problems, and they often lose appetite. While this function is helpful in improving this aspect.

Other benefits: tomato also has many other benefits to our health. For example, it is very helpful in anti-aging. It is also very beneficial in preventing cancer. Besides, tomato is also helpful in anti-inflammation, replenishing blood, etc.


Kidney disease patients should be careful when they eating tomato. Because if they has not take tomato properly, it may also take bad effects to them.

there is abundant potassium in tomato, while patients with kidney disease often have hyperkalemia. If patients who have hyperkalemia take too much tomato, that will aggravate their condition.

Thereby, patients should consult their doctor’s advice before they decide whether they should list tomato into their eating plan. Or you can also contact us if you have any problem, and we must give you answer in time.

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