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Is Banana Good For Patients With Kidney Disease

Is banana good for patients with kidney disease? Many patients with kidney disease have this question. Banana has delicious taste, but patients with kidney disease always have many restrictions in their diet. So it is necessary for kidney disease patients to have a better understanding in this aspect.
Benefits of banana to heath
Banana has large amount of potassium. Potassium is important in keeping muscles and nerve’s excitability, and it is also important in regulating the function of heart muscles, which is very helpful in keeping the blood pressure’s stability and preventing cardiovascular diseases. While patients with kidney disease often have cardiovascular diseases, and that is also a major cause of death cases. Thereby, If kidney disease patients have the shortage of potassium, banana is a perfect choice to them.
Banana also has abundant vitamin A and C, which can promote patients’ immunity. As we know, infection can aggravate kidney disease patients’ condition severely, so this will be a great help for their health condition.
There is abundant surger in banana, and the sugar can turn into glucose rapidly, and that can be absorbed by our body instantly, so this is a good source of energy. On the other hand, there are abundant magnesium in banana, which has the effect of relieving fatigue and tense emotion. While patients with kidney disease often feel fatigue, so banana is helpful in dealing with this aspect.
Besides, banana is good for sleep, and it is also helpful in improving digestion.
In fact, patients with kidney disease should be careful in eating banana, because it is also very likely to take bad effects to them.
Patients with kidney disease often have mineral disorder, and they are easy to have hyperkalemia, which may cause patients to have many complications. Thereby, kidney disease patients should be careful when they eat banana. If they have high potassium level, they should avoid take it. While if their potassium is normal, banana is a good choice to them.
Thereby, if patients want to make banana into their eating plan, it is better for them to consult their doctor’s advice first.

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