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Fish Oil And Kidney Disease

Fish Oil And Kidney DiseaseIs fish oil suitable for patients with kidney disease? Patients with kidney disease may have this question. As we know, fish oil is a food which has many benefits to body health, while patients with kidney disease often have many restrictions on their diet. Thereby, it is normal that patients with kidney disease will have this curiosity.

What benefits can fish oil take to patients with kidney disease?

Fish oil is an umbrella name of the oil in fish body. To ocean fishes, toxic substances like mercury, arsenic, lead have not been found, and the contents of potassium, coper, aluminum, etc, are lower than the hygienic standard. Besides, there is nearly no pesticide in ocean fishes. Thereby, the quality of fish oil can be relied on.

Fish oil contains EPA, which is a protective ingredient for blood circulation. It can reduce blood viscosity, reduce cholesterol and prevent blood’s abnormal agglutination, which can prevent the formation of thrombus and keep blood vessel’s well permeability and elasticity. As we know, kidney disease patients have high risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, and cardiovascular disease is also a major reason of death cases in patients with kidney disease. While this benefit of fish oil can reduce this risk greatly.

Besides, there is abundant calory in fish oil, which is in favor of our body’s absorption. Patients with kidney disease should guarantee high calory in their diet, because this can guarantee their body activity’s need, and this can also reduce the decomposition of protein in patients’ body, which is an important measure to protect patients’ kidney function.

Besides, fish oil also has many other benefits to patients with kidney disease as well as our body health. For example, fish oil has OMEGA-3 fatty acid, which can regulate our hormone of gonad, and that can make us have peaceful emotion. Fish oil can promote our brain growth, and it can also improve our eyesight.

What should patients care when they take fish oil?

The polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oil are easy to have overoxidation, which will consume antioxidant substances in our body. That will make our body have cellular aging, and then age pigment and skin aging may appear.

Besides, the major ingredient in fish oil can inhibit platelet aggregation. When patients take appropriate amount of fish oil, that can make patients avoid many cardiovascular diseases. But if patients take too much fish oil, it can cause patients have low cohesion, which may cause patients to have idiopathic bleeding. Thereby, some kidney disease patients who may have severe blood vessel disease, like purpura nephritis patients, should avoid take it, or should control their intake strictly.

Thereby, patients with kidney disease should consult their doctor’s advice before they take fish oil, because different patients have their different symptoms, so whether fish oil is good for their health is decided by patients’ own condition.

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