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Walnut And Kidney Disease

Walnut And Kidney Disease

Walnut is a common fruit in our life. Many friends know that it contains lots of nutrients which can provide great benefits to our health. Patient with kidney disease often have many restrictions in their diet, so many patients may want to know if walnut is suitable for patients with kidney disease.

In fact, walnut is good for patients with kidney disease.Walnut has abundant protein, and it is high-quality protein, which contains eight kinds of amino acids that can not be compounded by ourselves. As we know, patients with kidney disease should be careful in their protein intake, and high-quality is recommended. So it is very perfect for them to take it. Besides, there are abundant minerals and vitamins in walnut, these substances are very beneficial to brain function. It has been proved that the nutritive value in walnut is much higher than it in the same amount of egg and milk.

Walnut has the function of protecting angiocarpy, that is because the arginine, oleic acid, antioxidant substance in walnut is very helpful in this aspect, and there is a kind of substance in walnut which can reduce arteriosclerosis and protect artery. Besides, walnut has many unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the value of cholesterol, and this is very helpful to protect heart. As we know, patients with kidney disease often have cardiovascular diseases, which is a major cause of death to patients with kidney disease, so walnut is helpful in relieving this condition.

In addition, walnut is beneficial in treating depression and insomnia. As we know, patients with severe kidney damage may have nerve problems and sleeping problems, so walnut is also helpful to improve patients’ nervous condition.

What’s more, walnut is well known for its benefits to the brain health, and it can also delay senescence. When people feel tired, if they have some walnut, it can also delay fatigue and relive pressure.

Thereby, it is very helpful for patients with kidney disease to eat walnut. But to some patients whose kidney disease can harm their gastrointestinal system, like purpura nephritis, they should change the way to eat it, because walnut is hard, and too much walnut intake is not easy to digest.

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