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How to Lower Phosphorus Food in Kidney Disease Diet

Healthy kidneys help regulate the phosphorus levels and other particles levels in your body, by removing the excessive minerals. Treatments, such as dialysis, helps filter the extra phosphorus, but it doesn’t remove all of it. This is why a lowering phosphorus foods guidance is established here.

Why you need to take low phosphorus foods?

Medical therapy cannot remove the extra phosphorus thoroughly, you need manage how much of it goes in your body. With low phosphorus foods replacing those that rich in it, your damaged kidneys will not wear out.

Phosphorus food guide

Phosphorus Food,Kidney Disease
Try to Avoid the following high-phosphorus food

- Uncooked macaroni and Cheese from box

- Soft serve vanilla frozen yogurt

- Cheddar cheese

- Fast good, pepperoni topping, regular crust, pizza chain

- Smooth-style peanut butter with salt

- Dry-roasted mixed nuts with peanuts, with salt added

- Mr. Goodbar chocolate bar

- Caffeinated dar cola

- Caramel custard or flan, prepared from recipe

- Vanilla ice cream

- Cooked long-grain brown rice

- Bran flake

- Instant oatmeal with raisins, dates, and walnuts, prepared with water

- Canned baked beans with no salt added or canned red kidney bean

Considering Taking these low-phosphorus food

- Cooked long-grain white rice

- Low-sodium corn flake

- Instant Cream of Wheat without salt or cup instant grits without salt, prepared with water

- Canned green beans, drained, with no salt added

- Jelly beans

- Pretzels with salt

- Noncaffeinated clear soda or root bee

- JELL-O with 2 tbsp pressurized whipped-cream toppin

- Orange sherbe

- Ready-to-eat rice pudding

- Enriched spaghetti cooked with salt, margarine, garlic powder, dry basil flakes

- Orange sherbet

- French bread with part-skim, low-moisture mozzarella cheese melted on top

- Regular cream cheese

- Jam or honey

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