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Which Food Can Improve Anemia? You May Fail to Recognize the Fact

There is a magic thing in China that said to have a magic power in improve renal ability and hundreds of thousands of person have an infinite faith in that. But renal doctors state that they never beli...[Read More]

Diet suggestion for renal patients

Diet suggestion for CKD stage 1 and 2 In this stage, diet limitation is soft. Patients in this stage only have to control the salt and sugar ingestion, keep a low protein diet is good enough. Diet for ...[Read More]

What Can We Eat in Kidney Disease

Q: I am a kidney disease patient, a Nephritic Syndrome patient. We kidney patients all know that they have to control their diet and slow down the progression of the kidney disease. But, what can eat a...[Read More]

What Kind of Meat Is Good, What Kind Of Meat is Forbidden, and What Should Eat Less

Recently, we accept many questions about weather diabetes patients can eat meat or not. After consult our experts and search for necessary information, we write this article to solve the questions. Sho...[Read More]

Will Watermelon Benefit Kidney Disease or Worse Kidney Disease?

Watermelon is a good food for summer. Nothing is better than after a long hot way home to take some cool watermelon. But, is it suitable for kidney disease patients? lets see. Watermelon is good for hi...[Read More]

Is Pilinuts available for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Pilinuts , originates from Philippine, are very delicious and popular around the world. But may Chronic Kidney Disease patients eat pilinuts ? Is it good for them? Pilinuts, which contains 17 amino aci...[Read More]

Is Peanut Butter Available for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure Patients

Peanut butter , widely used in western diet, is very delicious and regarded as a good seasoning. But due to it is rich in fats, is it available for kidney disease patients, especially for kidney failur...[Read More]

Is Pears Available for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients?

It is said that pears can help patients eliminate the toxins out of the body, it contains plenty of nutrients, and so on. Can chronic kidney disease patients eat pears? Will pears burden kidney? We all...[Read More]

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