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Kidneys are important organs which filter the waste products, extra water and toxins from your body. In addition, kidneys take responsibility for blood cell production and bone health. Once, your kidneys cannot work well, various waste products will build up in your body, causing symptoms and complications, such as high blood pressure, swelling, proteinuria, anemia etc. When your kidney failure, your doctor may recommend dialysis as a kidney replacement therapy.

What Is Dialysis

Dialysis is a kidney replacement therapy which is used in kidney failure patients. It is used to remove waste products and regulate certain chemicals levels in the blood.

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Is there different types of dialysis?

There are two types of dialysis: peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. Peritoneal dialysis filters blood inside the body after the abdomen is filled with a special cleaning solution. Hemodialysis filters blood by using dialyzer and dialysis machine.

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What can expect to get from dialysis?

Dialysis helps keep your body in balance. You can expect from dialysis:
- removes waste products, extra salt and fluid to prevent them from building up in the body.
- helps lower high blood pressure.
- regulate the certain chemicals levels in your body, such as sodium, potassium and bicarbonate.

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How long each dialysis session lasts?

It depends on your own conditions:
- the type dialysis that you choose
- your remaining kidney function
- your weight
-How much waste has gathered in your blood since your last dialysis session
- How much fluid you gained since your last dialysis session

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Who will be the clients of dialysis?

Dialysis is recommended for people with renal failure or end stage of kidney disease. You need dialysis if you've lost about 85% to 90% of your kidney function. Temporary dialysis may be needed in some cases.

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Does dialysis hurt me? Or is there any side effects of dialysis?

Yes, dialysis will cause some side effects.
- you have less energy
- You are depressed
- You get infected
- You have mascle cramps
- you have itchy skin
- you have other side effects, such as low blood pressure, anxiety, dry mouth, bone and joint pain, poor sleep and lack of interest in sex etc.

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How to know if dialysis is working or not?

Blood tests and urine test will help to find the answer. Some lab values, such as creatinine level, BUN level will help to find the amount of waste products in your body. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and bicarbonate will also be monitored.

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Is dialysis permanent?

Maybe. In some acute cases, you may stop dialysis after the treatment. However, in most chronic kidney disease, dialysis may last very long or even the end of your life, if your kidney functions cannot increase again.

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Will dialysis cure kidney disease?

No. Dialysis just does some, not all, functions of healthy kidneys. It is a treatment to sustain your life, but not a way to remove the kidney disease from your life.

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Do dialysis patients have to control their diets?

Usually, your doctor will recommend you a personalized diet to improve the life quality when you are on dialysis.

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