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What Will Happen If Dialysis Patients Become Acidotic

What Will Happen If Dialysis Patients Become Acidotic Dialysis patients are prone to suffer from acidotic, especially metabolic acidosis. Here we will talk about what will happen if dialysis patients become acidotic. Any questions, you can email us to or leave a message below directly.

How does the complication occur in dialysis?

As we all know, dialysis can help discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body, purifying blood. However, it cannot work effectively as the healthy kidneys. Kidney and lung balance the acid-base levels. Kidneys can excrete hydrogen ion, phosphate and ammonium salt and also reabsorb bicarbonate to keep the balance of acid-base levels. When glomerular filtration rate( GFR) decreases less than 20 ml/min, less hydrogen ion is removed by kidneys and the production of bicarbonate reduces, thus leading to metabolic acidosis. If left treated, patients will suffer from a lot.

What will happen with the condition?

Metabolic acidosis can cause physicochemical dissolution of bone and cell-medicated bone resorption to worsen renal osteodystrophy. Also, it is associated with worsening of secondary hyperparathyroidism. In addition, metabolic acidosis is one of trigger for chronic inflammation, which may in turn promote protein catabolism. In severe conditions, metabolic acidosis is also associated with an increased relative risk of death.

Well then, how to deal with the condition?

1. Correction of the condition can cause modest improvements in the nutritional statues for people on dialysis.

2. Reduce the food with rich-acidity.

3. Drink more water according to your illness conditions.

4. Get rid of dialysis. However, it is hard to reach the goal. You can try natural treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Medicated Bath and so on. Surely you will get the amazing curative effects.

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