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Why Dialysis Makes Patients Have Fever Time after Time

Why Dialysis Makes Patients Have Fever Time after TimeDialysis is a common choice when CKD progresses into Kidney Failure for relieving some symptoms. While some dialysis patients complain that they suffer from the fever time after time after dialysis which makes them so weak. Today, we will talk about the topic: Why dialysis makes patients have fever time to time?

Generally speaking, the fever is one of the common side effects of dialysis. Although dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment for renal failure patients, after all it fails to repair kidney damage and improve renal function from the root. If patients have started dialysis for a long time, there will appear some painful side effects, the fever is included. To get more info including treatments, please do feel free to contact us through email: or Whatsapp +8615512139310!

Now, let’s see the specific causes of fever for dialysis patients.

1. Infection

For patients on dialysis, the insertion site is exposed to the air. As a result, the bacteria and virus are very likely to invade into the body through the vessel access site, and that condition will disorder the immunity system. What’s more, other problems, such as the loss of protein in urine and poor appetite, can also weaken the patients’ immunity. In that case, they are at high risk of infections. If the infections cannot be controlled timely, fever may come up.

2. Cooling dialyzate

When the dialyzate is too cold, this will cause some discomforts. If the condition is left undealt, patient may develop fever in chill.

3. First-use Syndrome

This should not be a cause for your sister, but it do cause the same condition in other patients. In first-use syndrome, patients feel not only fever, but also back pain, difficult breath and skin itching etc.

How to prevent or treat fever for dialysis patients?

Our hospital mainly use the Chinese medical treatments to deal with the renal failure. And it is not difficult for us to control the fever for the kidney disease patients after the dialysis. In view this condition, our doctor can arrange the oral Chinese Medical soup for the patients, which have the strong effects of diminishing inflammation and detoxifying. As well as, the Medicated Bath is necessary for the dialysis patients with fever. Though soaking in the hot medicated bath, the patients will sweat a lot, then more and mote toxic substance will flow away with the sweat. When the blood is cleaned, the fever will disappear.

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