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Treatment for Swelling Feet During Dialysis

Treatment for Swelling Feet During DialysisSwelling feet is very common symptom for Kidney Failure patients, even though they have begun to receive dialysis treatment. In severe condition, patients cannot work by themselves with the swollen feet. Well then, what are treatments for the condition during dialysis?

Why swollen feets still occur during dialysis?

When patients with renal failure are undergoing dialysis, it means their kidneys have been damaged severely. It is a pity that dialysis cannot help repair kidney damage and improve renal function at all. As we all know, kidney has the ability to filter excessive fluid and waste products out of the body, and it also keeps the balance of electrolyte and acid-base. If kidney function is impaired, kidneys fail to discharge extra water out of the blood normally. As a result, excessive fluid builds up in the body. Besides, kidney damage causes the sodium retention, which also contributes to swelling for dialysis patients.

Is there any better treatment for relieving swelling feet?

Based on the possible causes of swelling feet during dialysis, our kidney doctor offer the following suggestions:

1. Limit intake of fluid: during the dialysis session, patients should pay attention to the fluid intake for preventing the aggravation of swelling.

2. Have a low-salt diet: it is important to have a low-salt diet for reducing kidneys’ burden.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine: some medicines have the property of normalizing blood circulation and repairing damaged kidney cells. With correct medicines, patients can reduce the frequency of dialysis.

4. Medicated Bath: the therapy can help stimulate the skin to sweat, so as to take away extra fluid and ease patients’ swelling.

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