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Why Would Someone Lose Weight During Dialysis

Why Would Someone Lose Weight During DialysisSome dialysis patients find their weight loses continuously during dialysis again and again. Why do dialysis patients lose their weight? Finding out the cause can guide patients to get correct management.

The most common cause is the removal of fluid from the body. One important dialysis function is to filter extra fluid. If patients drink extra water during dialysis sessions, dialysis treatment will remove the excessive amount of fluid. This doesn't need to worry, because it is one normal condition.

The second cause may be that dialysis removes too much fluid from the body, and this can affect patients' overall health condition a lot. In this case, patients should tell the doctor or nurse in dialysis center timely. Then, they can regulate the amount of fluid removal according to your illness condition.

The third cause is malnutrition. Although dialysis can replace a part of kidney functions, patients still need to follow a restricted diet plan. If patients can't take in enough nutrition, their weight will lose gradually along with weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and so on. Check your diet plan if you are one of these patients.

From the above analysis, we can know it is important to maintain dialysis patients' dry weight and follow a diet plan to prevent weight loss for dialysis patients.

To control our dry weight, you should pay effort in several aspects:

- Determine your dry weight with doctor's guidance

- Weigh your weight three times every day and record it

- Regulate your dry weight timely

Additionally, arrange a healthy diet plan based on your illness condition from the following aspects:

- Restrict the fluid intake

- Follow a low-sodium diet plan

- Limit the protein intake

- Take in correct amount of potassium and phosphorus

To determine your dry weight correctly and get a detailed diet plan, you can ask help online.

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