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What Can One Do for Restlessness on Dialysis Patients

What Can One Do for Restlessness on Dialysis PatientsRestlessness especially in legs isn't rare for dialysis patients, and it may disturb patients' sleep patterns and affect patients' life quality largely. What can dialysis patients do with restlessness?

Once patients are suggested to dialysis, it means their kidneys have been damaged severely. Although dialysis can replace impaired kidneys to cleanse the blood, it is unable to work as effectively as healthy kidneys. In this case, dialysis may induce some side effects or complications, some of which can cause restlessness directly. For example:

- Buildup of moderate or large molecular waste products and toxins

- Lack of red blood cells in the body

- Poor blood circulation all over the body especially legs

After finding out the direct cause of this problem for dialysis patients, we should take corresponding managements to alleviate these patients' restlessness immediately. According to the underlying cause, we would like to firstly introduce some home remedies to ease patients' problem.

1. Warm bath

Warm bath can help prompt blood circulation all over the body. As long as more blood flows into affected regions, more blood and oxygen can supplement for these functioning cells. Then, patients' restlessness can be eased to some extent.

2. Foot Bath

Foot is one important organ for the body, and there is corresponding acupoint for nearly every organ in the body. Foot bath can stimulate these acupoints and prompt the excretion of waste products and toxins through kidneys and skin.

3. Medicated Bath

Add some herbs into your bath water, and these herbs have the property of opening pores in the skin and prompting sweating. Then, waste chemicals can be removed from the body via sweating.

These home remedies can help alleviate dialysis patients' restlessness, but they are unable to overcome this problem from the root. If patients want to get more obvious therapeutic effects, they should seek some therapies that can improve their kidney condition and overall health condition. Consult the doctor online to get more useful suggestions.

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