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Will Dialysis Help Kidney Produce Urine

Will Dialysis Help Kidney Produce UrineWhen kidneys lose their ability to filter blood correctly, dialysis may be recommended to replace impaired to cleanse blood. Kidneys remove waste products through urine. Can dialysis help kidney produce urine?


Based on the theory that small molecular substances spread to the water, dialysis separates small molecular substances from large molecular substances and eliminates extra fluid, waste products and toxin from the body via semipermeable membrane. Generally, dialysis can be divided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Can dialysis help to produce urine?

Different from kidneys, dialysis cleanses the blood through exchanging substances with blood directly. That is to say, extra fluid, waste chemicals and toxins excreted by dialyzer don't go through urinary tract, so they will do nothing to increase urine output. Furthermore, most dialysis patients find the longer they on dialysis, the less urine they have. This is because although dialysis can replace a part of renal works, they are unable to be as effective as kidneys. In other words, even though patients on dialysis, their kidney function continues to lose.

Finally, patients may not have urine. Thereby, dialysis isn't the best treatment option for patients who still have certain kidney function and urine output.

Alternative therapies to save kidneys

With the development of modern medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created to improve patients' kidney function and rebuild kidney filtering structure. During this treatment plan, oral taking Chinese medicine, external application of Chinese medicine, and some auxiliary therapies are taken to achieve the therapeutic effects that doctors want to give their patients. Through expanding blood vessels, increasing the blood flow into kidneys, anticoagulation, anti-inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix, this therapy indeed can help stimulate the recovery of impaired kidney cells.

As long as patients' kidney function increases to 15% and maintains stable, patients can increase their urine output and avoid dialysis successfully.

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