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Dialysis: One Great Breakthrough for Numerous Kidney Patients

Dialysis: One Great Breakthrough for Numerous Kidney PatientsMost kidney patients are familiar with dialysis, but their attitude on dialysis is helpless: they don't want to live with dialysis but have to accept dialysis.

The effects of dialysis

Actually, dialysis is one blood purification method, that is to say, it is used to cleanse blood. Both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis focus on removing waste products and toxins from the blood.

This is based on such one theory:

The basic kidney function is to purify blood, so blood will be polluted when kidney function declines. In this moment, other method is needed to replace kidneys and continue to cleanse the blood, while this method is called dialysis.

This theory has been propagated so widely that people have taken it to their hearts. Therefore, as long as people think of kidney disease especially uremia, they will associate dialysis.

Can dialysis really cure kidney disease?

If this question was put forward five years ago, some people must give the answer immediately: of course. However, now, people begin to suspect this answer.

Why does this change happen? The reason is that with the development of clinical research, doctors find the relationship between kidney disease and polluted blood is different from that they thought before. More and more evidences prove that it is polluted blood that causes kidney disease.

The perversion of cause and result affects the effects of dialysis on kidney disease treatment a lot. At least, dialysis has become real treatment from previous lifesaving method.

Kidney disease treatment should begin from purifying blood

More and more kidney experts recognize that polluted blood is the root cause of kidney damage. Among them, deposits of immune complexes are the main reason. Thereby, cleansing the blood becomes the most important in kidney disease treatment. Although dialysis can help treat kidney disease, most patients don't want to begin dialysis because it is one time-costing and expensive treatment. Also, patients may suffer from various side effects. In view of this, we create a lot of Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies which have similar therapeutic effects with dialysis but fewer side effects.

If you want to accept some alternative therapies to dialysis for treating kidney disease, you can consult the doctor online for more information.

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