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Will Kidney Dialysis Cause Lung Congestion

Will Kidney Dialysis Cause Lung CongestionLung congestion, also called pulmonary congestion, refers to blood stagnation in the local blood vessels of lung. Kidney dialysis is used to replace kidneys to filter blood, and it can increase the risk of lung congestion.

How does dialysis cause lung congestion?

A lot of patients on kidney dialysis are vulnerable to suffering from heart failure that can cause too much fluid to retain in their lungs. Then, lung congestion occurs along with shortness of breath, anoxia, cyanosis or hemoptysis. Most often, left ventricular failure can hinder pulmonary vein from returning, resulting in lung congestion in which lung will become kermesinus and enlarged.

The identification of lung congestion for dialysis patients

As lung congestion is commonly due to heart failure and cardiovascular disorder is one leading reason of death for dialysis patients, it is important to take early identification of lung congestion. As introduced by nephrologists, timely identification of lung congestion can help slow down the progression of heart failure, cardiovascular problems and death for dialysis patients.

How to manage lung congestion for kidney dialysis patients?

Kidney experts at Kidney Service China give out some suggestions. Hopefully, they can be helpful for you.

- Reduce the burden on heart: Have more rest, control the sodium intake, and use correct diuretic or vasodilator substance. All of these can help reduce the risk of heart failure and cardiac events.

- Strengthen the myocardial contraction force: In clinic, several medicines can help achieve this goal like sildenafil, digoxin and digitalis leaf.

- Give oxygen to people who have difficult breathing

- Control lung congestion complications timely: Respiratory infections, electrolyte disorder and the formation of thrombus are common complications. If patients have these problems, they should take action to manage them immediately.

- Improve kidney function: If patients still have chance to improve their kidney function, it is better for them to achieve it and avoid dialysis, if enough fortunately.

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