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What Are Side Effects From Hemodialysis

What Are Side Effects From HemodialysisThe longer kidney failure patients do hemodialysis, the more side effects they may have. This is because hemodialysis only can replace a part of kidney functions not all. Today, you can learn the common adverse effects of hemodialysis here.

Hemodialysis and kidney

Hemodialysis is also called artificial kidney, because it can replace diseased kidneys to filter extra fluid and remove metabolic waste products. However, healthy kidneys work 24 hours the whole day, while hemodialysis is usually taken three times one week. Besides, hemodialysis is unable to regulate blood pressure, secrete EPO, increase patients’ urine output, etc, like kidneys, so the following side effects occur easily.

The common side effects of hemodialysis

1. Low blood pressure: It is the most common side effect of hemodialysis with an incidence of 20%~40%. Low blood pressure usually occurs when patients drink extra fluid and too much fluid is filtered out during one dialysis treatment.

2. Skin itching: For hemodialysis paotients, skin itching is usually caused by large molecular waste products and toxins depositing in the blood that can be removed by hemodialysis. In this case, patients can’t scratch their skin. Otherwise, it may cause further damage to skin.

3. Heart failure: This is the most dangerous hemodialysis side effect, and it is also the leading death cause for kidney failure patients. According to clinical research, most kidney patients finally die of heart failure instead of kidney failure.

4. Sleep difficulties: Sleep problem is common among patients undergoing hemodialysis. For example, painful or uncomfortable sensations within legs make dialysis patients falling or staying asleep difficultly.

5. Infections: Even though infection for hemodialysis patients is not as common as that for peritoneal dialysis patients, this side effect does happen to some hemodialysis patients and they should pay highly attention to it.

In summary

Now, we have had an overview of side effects of hemodialysis. If you are tormented by any problem the above mentioned, you should take effective treatments to manage it timely.

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