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Can Dialysis Patients Feel Dizzy Like Vertigo

Can Dialysis Patients Feel Dizzy Like VertigoWill dialysis patients have dizziness or vertigo? Dizziness, one sensation of lightheadedness, isn’t an uncommon discomfort for dialysis patients. That is to say, dialysis indeed can make patients feel dizzy. If you also have this symptom, follow me to find out the cause and then take prompt treatments.

Why does dialysis cause dizziness?

Generally, three conditions can cause this problem.

1. Low blood pressure: It is the most common side effect of hemodialysis and the leading cause of dizziness for dialysis patients. During one dialysis treatment, blood pressure drops if too much fluid is removed from the blood. Then, dizziness along with nausea and vomiting may occur easily. What’s worse, if patients take anti-hypertensive medications before dialysis, this may cause further drops in blood pressure and more discomforts.

2. Renal anemia: When kidney disease progresses into kidney failure, diseased kidneys are unable to produce enough EPO, resulting in renal anemia. Anemia can lead to fatigue and dizziness. Dialysis can help maintain kidney failure patients’ basic life, but it can’t do all of kidneys’ jobs like making EPO. Therefore, dialysis can’t do anything for renal anemia.

3. Bleeding: Heparin is used common in dialysis, and it can increase the risk of bleeding. This is another cause of dizziness for patients on dialysis, but it is uncommon.

How to deal with dizziness and vertigo on dialysis patients?

The effective treatment should depend on the cause. If you have this problem, hopefully the following methods can be helpful.

- Watch and limit fluid intake as recommended by healthcare team

- Don’t take anti-hypertensive medicines before two hours of dialysis

- Modify your dialyzate if you have bleeding tendency

- Eat more foods high in iron or take iron supplement

- Take erythropoietin treatment if necessary

- Do exercise regularly unless patients have hematuria or other bleeding disorders

- Take in correct amount of protein especially high-quality protein

There are many other methods that can help overcome dizziness for dialysis patients. If you want to learn more about them, you can contact us directly.

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