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How Can I Get Off Dialysis

How Can I Get Off DialysisAlthough dialysis can help impaired kidneys to filter blood, it isn’t one comfortable treatment even for the fittest patients. Therefore, nearly all kidney failure patients hope to avoid or get off dialysis. If so, how can they get rid of dialysis?

Dialysis for kidney failure

With the theory of semipermeable membrane, dialysis can basically produce three effects for kidney failure patients: cleansing the internal environment, easing patients’ symptoms and complications, and maintaining their basic life. However, dialysis can do nothing for repairing damaged kidney cells, so the longer patients on dialysis, the less their urine output. In some cases, patients may even suffer from dialysis side effects such as low blood pressure, muscle cramps and difficult breath when they are doing dialysis.

The key to getting off dialysis for kidney patients

To find the answer, we should firstly make clear when kidney patients are suggested to begin dialysis. Two factors determine the dialysis beginning time. One is kidney function level lower than 15%, and the other is severe kidney failure complications such as too high creatinine level, lung edema, refractory high blood pressure and so on.

Therefore, if patients want to get rid of dialysis, treatments should be able to improve kidney function level and manage severe complications.

Is there such an alternative treatment option? The fortunate answer is yes. With a great difference from dialysis, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy can do a lot for kidney failure patients. On one hand, it can cleanse blood and normalize blood circulation, so as to provide a good internal environment for kidney restoration. Thereby, severe complications due to deposits of waste products, extra fluid or toxins, or electrolyte imbalance can be eased successfully. On the other hand, this therapy can stimulate kidneys’ self-healing system for achieving kidney recovery. From this analysis, we can know this therapy indeed can help patients get off dialysis.

In severe cases, some auxiliary therapies may also be needed. As for the whole treatment, it does depend on patients’ illness condition. If you are eager to get rid of dialysis, you can contact us directly.

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