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Diarrhea in Long-Term Hemodialysis Patients: What to Do

Diarrhea in Long-Term Hemodialysis Patients: What to DoHemodialysis can help maintain Kidney Failure patients’ life, but as time goes on, hemodialysis will cause some complications. Diarrhea is just one of them that can reveal some underlying disorders. If you are experiencing diarrhea caused by long-term hemodialysis, don’t take any medicine or treatment without doctor’s guidance.

Hemodialysis can replace impaired kidneys to do some works but not all. Therefore, the longer patients on hemodialysis, the less urine output they may have. This means hemodialysis patients’ kidney function and overall health condition aggravates gradually. As for diarrhea, it is just one result of the following problems.

- Hypokalemia caused by low-potassium dialyzate

- Gastrointestinal tract infections

- Drinking polluted water or eating unhealthy foods

- The adverse reaction of some medications like nicotinamide

- Digestive system disorders

After figuring out the underlying causes, we can adopt some corresponding methods to deal with this problem.

Since meal plan and lifestyle plays an important role in managing diarrhea, the treatment should begin from modifying patients’ eating plan and lifestyle. For example, drinking clean pure water, eating seasonal fruit, paying attention to keep the body warm, do gentle exercise regularly, etc.

If patients’ diarrhea is caused by certain medication, tell the doctor timely to stop or reduce the dosage of this medicine.

The last step is to try to improve patients’ overall health condition as well as kidney condition. If the patient still has urine, it is possible for him or her to reduce the frequency of hemodialysis or even stop it. However, for the patient who has stopped urinating for more than half of one year, we can do nothing. If you still have the chance to repair your kidneys, please seize it and take timely treatments to achieve it. To learn which treatment can help you improve your kidney condition and ease diarrhea from the root, you can send your latest test report to We will try our best to help you.

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