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Safety of Cucumber in Dialysis Patients

Safety of Cucumber in Dialysis PatientsTo make dialysis undergo smoothly and reduce the side effects of dialysis, dialysis patients should restrict their eating habit. Cucumber is one common vegetable in our daily life. Is cucumber safe to eat for dialysis patients?

Cucumber is one nourishing food that contains rich protein, vitamins, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc. Just because of its so many nutritions, it determines dialysis patients can’t consume cucumber without limitation.

Dialysis patients should eat correct amount of cucumbers as kidney doctor or dietitian guides. Firstly, 100 g of cucumbers contain 95.23 g water. Dialysis patients should limit the fluid intake during dialysis session. Otherwise, it is difficult to manage patients’ dry skin. Cucumber is one vegetable contains abundant underlying water, so patients shouldn’t eat too many cucumbers.

Secondly, cucumbers are high in potassium. If patients are undergoing hemodialysis, high potassium in cucumbers requires patients to control the intake of cucumber. If they are on peritoneal dialysis, they don’t need to avoid potassium-containing foods.

If you are on dialysis and have consulted the doctor about how many cucumbers you can eat, you can get the following benefits from cucumber consumption.

1. Detoxify the body: Cucumber is able to help eliminate waste products and toxins from the body so that internal environment can be more clear.

2. Lower high blood sugar: Diabetes has been the leading cause of end stage kidney disease. If your kidney problem is due to diabetes, eating cucumbers is good to lower high blood sugar.

3. Ease constipation: Because of restricted diet plan, patients are more likely to suffer from constipation. Therefore, you are recommended to ease constipation.

Now, we can know cucumbers can bring both benefits and side effects for dialysis patients. If you are taking dialysis treatments, you had better weigh its benefits against side effects before eating.

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