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What Happens If You Miss a Dialysis Treatment

What Happens If You Miss a Dialysis TreatmentWhat happens if you miss a dialysis treatment? Dialysis is one kidney replacement therapy that can help impaired kidneys to maintain patients’ basic life. However, for kidney failure patients, they should follow their dialysis schedule strictly. Otherwise, some annoying problems will appear.

The onset of these problems depends on dialysis effects

Although dialysis is not as effective as healthy kidneys, it indeed can help do some kidney works. They are filtering out extra fluid and small molecular waste products and toxins, regulating blood pressure, adjusting electrolyte balance, and so on. If patients miss a dialysis treatment and don’t take any remedial measure, they may be faced by serious problems including:

- Swelling or even lung edema

- Have more sleep

- Leg restlessness

- High blood pressure

- Poor appetition

- Changes in breath such as breathlessness or deep breath

- Heart failure or cardiovascular disease

If you have one of the above discomfort, you should take another treatment option immediately. Otherwise, you may suffer from some life-threatening complications. If you want to reduce the frequency of dialysis successfully and safely, some other treatments that can help improve your kidney condition should be taken.

Alternative treatments to dialysis

As introduced by kidney experts, all types of chronic kidney diseases is a result of anoxia and ischemia. Therefore, the methods to reduce dialysis treatments or avoid dialysis should start from normalizing blood circulation and increasing the self-curative ability. From this point, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy is a good treatment option.

Compared with other therapies, this therapy treats dialysis beginning from recovering hematopoiesis and clotting mechanism, etc. When blood circulation becomes normal and can provide enough blood and oxygen for kidneys, damaged but not necrotic kidney cells can recover to work gradually. Finally, patients can miss their dialysis treatment safely. If you are interested about this therapy, you can firstly learn more about it from the doctor online or leaving a message below. We are glad to share more information for you.

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