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What Is The Lifespan of Someone in Their Sixties on Dialysis

What Is The Lifespan of Someone in Their Sixties on DialysisKidney Failure is one kidney disorder commonly seen in elderly people, and dialysis is one treatment option. Yesterday, one patient consulted us about the lifespan of someone in their sixties on dialysis. If you also have one similar concern, follow me to find out the answer now.

Firstly, learn more about dialysis.

Dialysis is one kidney replacement therapy, which is usually recommended when patients’ kidney function has lost 85%~90%. However, no one wants to live with dialysis, if they still have other options. This is because dialysis may cause some side effects or even life-threatening complications to shorten patients’ life expectancy.

Secondly, figure out whether there is a difference between youngsters and sixties.

There is indeed a difference between them. Generally speaking, people in sixties may have more complications than youngsters. Besides, elderly people has low immunity and all of their organs must be aging. According to statistical data, about 80% of dialysis patients can live one year and two-year, five-year, ten-year survival rates are about 64%, 33% and 10% respectively.

Thirdly, what factors will shorten patients’ lifespan?

For patients in sixties on dialysis, cardiovascular disease, metabolic acidosis, hyperkalemia and some other conditions will affect patients’ life quality and life expectancy largely. Therefore, if you are sixties and undergoing dialysis, you should take some treatments to protect your remaining kidney function and improve your prognosis.

Finally, learn how to improve sixties patients’ lifespan.

It should begin from a healthy diet plan and lifestyle. For patients on dialysis, they are also recommended to develop a diet plan with low sodium, protein, potassium and phosphorus. Then, dialysis patients had better quit smoking, drinking and other unhealthy habits. Besides, doing moderate exercise is also needed to build patients’ bone and fight against dialysis complication.

Besides, if patients still have urine, some kidney repairing treatments can make it possible to get rid of dialysis. The key is to taking effective treatments. If you have the same problem, wish you can also say goodbye to dialysis sooner.

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