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Can Almonds Be On Dialysis Diet

Can Almonds Be On Dialysis DietCan almonds be on dialysis diet? Almonds exist in two types: sweet and bitter, and sweet almond has been used commonly in our daily life. However, for dialysis patients, they should consume this nut carefully, because almonds are not always safe to eat.

If you are undergoing dialysis and love to eat almonds or drink almond milk, you can get the individual suggestion from the doctor online after telling him the levels of creatinine, bun, potassium and phosphorus, taking medications and complications.

Next, we will introduce more about almond for dialysis patients. Follow me to find out the health benefits and side effects for these patients.

What can you get from almonds?

Almonds are highly nutritious, because it is rich in protein, dietary fiber, unsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals. Just because of these nutritions, it can help boost dialysis patients’ health in the following aspects.

- Reduce the risk of heart disease: Almonds are abundant in unsaturated fats that can help reduce the levels of cholesterol, resulting in lowering the chance of heart disease. For dialysis patients, heart disease is one leading cause of death.

- Control renal bone disease: Calcium is the main constituent of our bone. For kidney failure patients, they are more likely to develop bone disease due to low calcium level, while almonds can be one calcium supplement.

- Help treat renal anemia: Anemia is one common complication of renal failure. Almonds are rich in iron and folic acid that are raw materials of red blood cells, so this nut is able to help control renal anemia.

Side effects of almonds for dialysis patients

Because almonds also contain rich potassium, phosphorus and dietary fiber, they may raise dialysis patients’ potassium and phosphorus level and induce constipation and abdominal bloating. What’s worse, almonds also contain poisonous chemicals called HCN. If you take too many almonds, you may have the problems of nervous system and breathing system.

From the above analysis, we can know if you are on dialysis, you should consume this nut with doctor’s guidance. Anything unclear, you can contact us directly.

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