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Why Cardiac Arrest Occur during Dialysis

Why Cardiac Arrest Occur during DialysisCardiac arrest is a serious complication of dialysis and it associated with patients’ death to a large extent. Though the incidence is not high, the consequence is very serious. Well, what are the causes?

1. Cardiac abnormalities For people on dialysis, some of them can be influenced by cardiac abnormalities more or less, which behaves as coronary heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, etc. As the electrolyte and acid-base balance have been destroyed dramatically within a short time, as a consequence, the heart has to work harder, gradually, cardiac arrest may come into being.

2. Hyperkalemia High potassium level in kidney failure is mainly due to two factors, excess intake of potassium and drop in kidney function. When the level is above 6.5mmmol/L, the risk of experiencing cardiac arrest will be increased. And this sign is commonly seen in the early stage of dialysis. Besides, severe hemolysis can also contribute to high potassium level, when hyponatremia, hypocaclemia or acidosis are combined together, the situation will become more serious.

3. Carebrovascular disorder During dialysis, cerebral hemorrhage is more likely to appear when high blood pressure and anticoagulant are combined together.

Additionally, this severe condition is also connected with acute pericarditis.

As an alternative remedy, dialysis indeed can help excrete micromolecular toxins including creatinine, BUN, uric acid out of the blood. However, everything has two sides, and there are always some adverse effects. Then, dialysis patients may have such a doubt:" Is this a good choice?”

To be fair, it is not a wise choice to judge dialysis simply by this. However, there is opportunity to repair the injured kidney structures, improve kidney function and avoid dialysis. Here, treatments including Immunotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Enema Therapy, etc can be your reliable choices.

After the above analysis concerning the causes of cardiac arrest during dialysis, we sincerely hope you can gain a lot. For more info, please email us now!

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