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Causes and Treatments of Abdominal Pain in Peritoneal Dialysis

Causes and Treatments of Abdominal Pain in Peritoneal DialysisFor people on peritoneal dialysis, some of them may be plagued by abdominal pain. However, few of them know about the causes and treatments. If you are not clear about this, please keep reading!

1. Peritonitis If the pain is caused by peritonitis, effective steps should be applied to standardize operations or add antibiotics into the dislysate, otherwise, a number of problems including loss of protein, malnutrition, etc will occur.

2. Quality of dialysate or low PH If peritonitis can be excluded, then abdominal pain may be linked with the quality of dialysate or low PH(<5.5). Generally, this case can be solved by heating the dialysate or adding buffer agent into the dialysate.

3. Temperature If the temperature is cooler or hotter, it could lead to abdominal pain. Then, what treatments can be taken? It is necessary to keep the temperature between 35-37℃.

4. Mechanical stimulation or chemical stimulation During the treatment, the peritoneal can be affected by mechanical stimulation or chemical stimulation. In this condition, some drugs can be used to relieve this kind of pain.

5. Other factors In clinical, other factors like peptic ulcer, the speed of dialysis, etc are also linked with abdominal pain.

To be fair, even if peritoneal dialysis can help kidney failure patients purity their blood and extend their survival periods, there are always some side effects, and abdominal pain is just one of them. Thereby, this therapy is not suitable for everyone. Are there any other choices?

As a matter of fact, some new forms of traditional Chinese medicine can be used to stimulate the self-curative ability of renal intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. Therefore, peritoneal dialysis and abdominal pain can be prevented. If you want to know more about this, please consult with our online doctors or leave us message to Have a nice day!

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