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Can Dialysis Patients Drink Coffee, Tea and Coca Cola

Can Dialysis Patients Drink Coffee, Tea and Coca ColaKidney patients have to keep a strict diet to avoid too much fluid and metabolic wastes during dialysis sessions. Dialysis could help us remove metabolic wastes, but patients still have to be cautious in their diet. This article will tell you whether dialysis patients could drink coffee, tea and Coca Cola.


People like drinking a cup of coffee as a stimulate in the morning, because coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine consumption has been linked to kidney stones. Caffeine could increase urinary calcium level which may contribute to calcium oxalate kidney. Some may say that caffeine can be used as a diuretic, so it could help to discharge wastes. But studies show that people will develop tolerance to the effects of the caffeine after take in large doses of caffeine in a short period of time. What’s more, Caffeine may make renal failure worse. Studies had shown caffeine exacerbates renal failure, if there is kidney disease in combination with metabolic syndrome. In conclusion, coffee is not recommended to kidney patients.


There are different kinds of tea. Black tea, green tea and oolong tea are the most teas in our daily life. Most teas have caffeine, which can elevate blood pressure and speed heart beats. While green tea have less caffeine than other kinds of tea. Green tea have tea polyphenols offsetting the effects of caffeine. Moreover, some kidney disease patients often take reserpine to control their blood pressure. Reserpine causes kidney damage. Green tea elevates the body’s antioxidant defense system, cleans up free radicals, lessens oxidative damage, and protects the kidneys against reserpine-induced toxicity. Therefore, kidney patients could drink some green tea than other kinds of teas. But for dialysis patients, they drink a limited amount of water every day and the consumption of tea should be taken in account.

Coca Cola

Cola contains phosphoric acid, caramel color, natural flavors and caffeine, etc. As mentioned above, caffeine have a negative effect on kidney patients. Some dialysis patients are disturbed by hypocalcemia and pruritus, caused by hyperphosphatemia. Thus, food rich in phosphorus, such as cola, is not recommended.

Hope these information can give you some help on your diet.

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