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Benefits of Stinging Nettle to Treat Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Benefits of Stinging Nettle to Treat Diabetes and Kidney DiseaseIf you have learned a little about herbal medicine, you may know dozens of stinging nettle benefits. Diabetes and kidney disease are two common disorders all over the world. If they coexist in the same person, can he or she get benefits from stinging nettle?

Diabetes and chronic kidney disease

Diabetes is one metabolic disorder that if uncontrolled effectively can attack nearly any part of the body. Normally, kidneys can eliminate excessive sugar from the body. However, too much deposit of sugar in the body can lead to the overwork of kidneys. Then, kidney filtering system will be damaged, and diabetic kidney disease also called Diabetic Nephropathy occurs. Along with the onset of diabetic kidney disease, swelling and high blood pressure often happen.

The use of stinging nettle

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stinging nettle is one medicine used commonly to purify the blood, ease swelling and help cure mucus congestion, etc. Now, more and more people prefer to use stinging nettle as tea. Then, patients can get stinging nettle benefits in their daily life.

Benefits of stinging nettle medicine or tea for diabetics with kidney disease

The biggest benefit is to control some diabetic kidney disease complications such as high blood pressure and fluid retention. When kidneys are unable to remove extra fluid normally, extra fluid will retain in the blood vessels. Accordingly, high blood pressure and swelling happen.

Additionally, this herb is considered as a great blood purifier. For kidney patients, their blood is usually polluted because of deposits of waste products and toxins. Therefore, it is beneficial for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy to drink stinging nettle tea in their daily life.

As the above analyzed, diabetic kidney disease patients are suggested to use stinging nettle, but the amount should be determined as the doctor guides.

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