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Metformin Side Effect for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Metformin Side Effect for Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsFor diabetics, a part of them must be quite familiar with metformin, because it is one oral medicine that helps to lower blood sugar. Diabetic Nephropathy refers to kidneys involved in diabetes. In this case, patients should pay more attention to their medications, in order to avoid further kidney damage or even kidney failure. Does metformin have some side effects for Diabetic Nephropathy patients?

Firstly, we had better find out the action mechanism of metformin.

Different from sulfonylureas, metformin works to reduce high blood sugar through increasing the surrounding tissues’ ability to use sugar instead of stimulating the secretion of insulin. Besides, it can boost the insulin’s function of cleansing blood sugar via increasing the combination of insulin and insulin receptor. Finally, patients’ type 2 diabetes can be controlled.

Secondly, we should have an overview of Diabetic Nephropathy.

Diabetic Nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease happens when high blood sugar damages kidney filtering system. Compared with other types of chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy may cause more and more serious complications such as cardiovascular diseases and digestive system disorders. For this reason, patients should take medications carefully.

Thirdly, let us try to find out the side effects of metformin for Diabetic Nephropathy.

As introduced by pharmacist, the most common side effects of metformin is bloating, diarrhea, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, etc, and about one out of every three user have some of these problems.

Unfortunately, some patients may have serious problem caused lactic acidosis, and weakness, abnormal heartbeat, muscle pain, feeling cold, trouble breathing, further kidney damage or even congestive heart failure may indicate the onset of lactic acidosis. Therefore, if taken mistakenly, metformin may cause life-threatening side effects.

Finally, you had better accept some systemic treatments to control your diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetic Nephropathy is one complex problem to deal with. If you happen to have this problem, your treatments should include not only controlling blood sugar but also protecting kidney function. Have a further talk with doctors online, so they can help you develop a helpful treatment plan for free.

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