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Bubbles or Foams in Urine with Diabetes

Bubbles or Foams in Urine with DiabetesSeeing too many bubbles or foams in urine is annoying. For people with Diabetes, have you ever noticed after urinating every time that there are bubbly urine? Here is the reason why: protein in urine.

The medical term for too much protein in urine is Proteinuria or albuminuria. A small amount to urine protein is not an alarming condition, but a prolonged case of excessive protein in urine in Diabetes can indicate kidney damage. How does this occur?

The kidney filtering system normally ensures proteins are kept almost completely out of urine. Long-standing Diabetes causes changes in small blood vessels that can lead to damage of the kidneys' glomerular filtering membrane. Proteins will get leaked out into the urine. When there is a lot of protein present in urine and when it reacts with air and hits the water in the urinal, it produces urine bubbles or foams. Several other proteinuria manifestations together with bubbles or foams in urine such as swelling of the entire body or few body parts, puffy eyes, chronic fatigue, and weight gain, etc.

Treatment of bubbles or foams in urine with Diabetes

First of all, it is necessary to visit the doctor as soon as possible to confirm the condition of kidneys or severity of kidney disease. So they can prescribe appropriate medicines to reduce proteinuria.

In addition, doctor also advice patients to eat a diet low in protein do the kidneys are not stressed too much for filtering the proteins. Certain foods high in protein should be avoided like soy, cheese milk, chicken, poultry, meat, and nuts and dried fruits and so on. Various fruits and vegetables can be included in daily diet.

Since the root cause of bubbles or foams in urine with Diabetes is damaged glomerular filtering function, the fundamental way to eliminate proteinuria is to repair kidney damage and restore the overall renal function. You can consult your doctor about the best treatment option or send us email at We will reply you soon with more detailed advice!

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