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Diabetic Nephropathy: Misunderstanding of Kidney Damage Will Result in Uremia

Diabetic Nephropathy: Misunderstanding of Kidney Damage Will Result in Uremia

With the improvement of people's living standard, with the increasing of aging population, diabetic nephropathy becomes more and more common. But the damage to kidneys caused by diabetes can hardly get understand or value.

We all know that diabetes will cause so many complications. But we do not know that diabetic nephropathy is the most important complication in diabetes. Of note, there are about 30-40% diabetes patients will develop into diabetic nephropathy; and according to a statistic analysis in Beijing, China, there are 30% diabetic nephropathy patients in dialysis develop into ESRD (uremia).

What should we do to avoid ESRD, and if possible, avoid dialysis?

l Understand kidney damage in diabetes correctly.

Despite the age, kidney damage often occur around 5 years diabetes history; and for more than 10 years’, half of them suffer from protein in urine which is closely related to the progression of diabetic nephropathy.

Stage 1: high filtration and renal hypertrophy

Stage 2: normal albuminuria

In this two stage, kidney lesion is not so severe, and if blood sugar can be controlled, disease will be in long-term stability or never progress.

Stage3: microalbuminuria. In this stage, early stage of diabetic nephropathy, microalbuminuria will occur with increased high blood pressure. Medicine can be used in this stage to control its development.

Stage 4: Clinical diabetic nephropathy. It is easier for diabetes to suffer kidney lesion, and if develop into stage4, it will progress acutely.

Stage 5: ESRD. In this stage, patients’ condition progress rapidly, creatinine level increased, and increase the risk of uremia. And when in uremia, diabetic nephropathy suffer from a higher fatal rate.

Find early, take actions early.

To have a correct understanding and to take actions to prevent and slow down the development of diabetic nephropathy is of great importance. So, it is necessary to keep a good lifestyle and other actions.

Regular physical examination is suggested

Avoid UTI(Urine Tract Infection)

Control blood sugar and blood pressure strictly

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