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Swelling in Legs and Back Pain for Diabetic Nephropathy

Swelling in Legs and Back Pain for Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy is resulted from long-term diabetes. When kidneys are damaged severely, patients must begin to have some symptoms and complications. Swelling in legs and back pain are common symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy. Why do patients have these problems?

Swelling in legs

This symptom is commonly associated with fluid and sodium retention and protein leakage.

When kidney filtering structure is damaged by diabetes, proteinuria or albuminuria is the first sign of diabetic kidney disease. When protein leakage amount is more than 3.5g/24h, we call it Nephrotic Syndrome. With the severe loss of protein, plasma colloid osmotic pressure declines gradually. Then, extra fluid spreads from blood vessels into tissues, resulting in swelling commonly in lower limbs.

As kidneys fail to filter extra fluid, excessive fluid will build up in the blood vessels. Fluid and sodium retention in the body will induce edema or swelling in the body.

Back pain

For Diabetic Nephropathy patients, back pain is often due to renal insufficiency, urinary tract infections, kidney stone, and so on.

How to manage these two symptoms for diabetic nephropathy patients?

Based on the above causes, patients should take the corresponding treatments to manage these two problems.

Firstly, patients should modify their diet plan and lifestyle timely along with their illness changes. To ease swelling, patients should limit the intake of fluid, sodium and protein. However, patients should take in high-quality protein.

Secondly, take effective medications. Diuretic, ACEI, ARBs, etc, can help alleviate swelling and protein leakage. If patients’ back pain is caused by urinary tract infection, they may need to take antibiotics.

Lastly, repair damaged kidney cells. To fix patients’ kidney damage and improve patients’ kidney condition, they can try “Four Ones” Therapy. This therapy is the latest treatment in 2015 to treat Diabetic Nephropathy as well as other types of chronic kidney disease. As long as patients’ kidney function increases successfully, patients’ swelling and back pain will be relieved easily.

To get correct medications and therapies for easing swelling in legs and back pain, patients with Diabetic Nephropathy should tell more about their illness condition online.

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