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Dialysis﹠Herbal Remedy for Diabetes History for 18 Years,Creatinine Level 8.9

Q: I have lived with diabetes for about 18 years. And now my creatinine level is 8.9. And once it increased over than 9.0. Is it a time for me to start dialysis? Is there any Herbal Remedy for me?

A: You have been with the diabetes for about 18 years, and now your creatinine level is about 8.9 mg/dl. You said that before it was over 9 mg/dl. Although it is a little lower down, maybe Dialysis is still necessary to be considered.

Normally speaking, for the diabetic patient, when the creatinine level is over 5 mg/dl, they need to consider to take the dialysis to lessen the risk of complications. So in my opinion, you can take the dialysis firstly to lower the burden to other organs caused by the high creatinine level.

You said you want some suggestions about the herbal treatment, you know the herbal medicine is a rather complicated prescription. It should be according to your particular condition, so please tell me more about your condition.

Anyway, firstly I think i can give you some massage suggestions, which will be helpful in promoting the blood circulation inner your kidney, it will also be helpful for the recovery of your kidney function.

If you have interest, you can find some information about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay. It is a new developed treatment which is based on the Chinese Herbal Medicine. It uses the specific herbs that are proper for your personal condition and then grinds the herbs into powder. The powder will be collected to a kind of herbal bag which will be applied on your waist. And with the help of osmosis devices, the herbal ingredients will permeate into the kidney lesions. It takes effects to repair the damaged kidney directly.

In this way, your high creatinine level can be lowered naturally. In addition, based on your condition, the herbalist will add some herbs for Diabetes to the herbal bag. As a result, you can get the improvement both in kidneys and pancreas.

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