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Herbs to Control Protein Loss in Diabetic Conditions

Herbs to Control Protein Loss in Diabetic ConditionsMicroalbuminuria is usually the first sign of diabetic kidney disease in which kidneys are damaged in diabetic conditions. Some people with this symptom eventually progress to proteinuria or even kidney failure. Some herbs just can help control protein loss for these patients.

Protein leakage or protein loss is often related to glomerular damage. Normally, kidney filtration membrane can keep protein in the body, so as to support the normal activity of various tissues and cells in the body. However, when this filtering system is damaged by high blood sugar, a large amount of protein will leak out, resulting in proteinuria. In view of this, the following herbal medicines can help manage this problem for diabetics.

* Leech

It is reported that the buildup of glomerular fibrin within related antigen (FRA) has a close link with proteinuria, while leech just can reduce the deposits of FRA. Also, this medicine works through reducing blood viscosity, antithrombase and decomposing fibrinogen and fibrin.

* Periostracum cicada

In clinic, protein loss can be worsen because of upper respiratory infections or kidney disease recurrence. Periostracum cicada is able to reduce blood endothelin, decline the release of free radical and prevent damage to capillary endothelial cells, so as to ease proteinuria.

* Lumbricus

Pharmacological studies have shown that this herbal medicine has the property of anti-coagulation, reducing blood viscosity, and inhibiting thrombosis. Additionally, it can also expand blood vessels, prevent the formation of thrombosis in glomeruli, and improve blood circulation. All of these benefits just can reduce protein loss.

* Thunder god vine

It has the effect of immunosuppressants, so it can decline protein excretion amount and reduce the pathogenic changes of renal tissues.

All of the above herbs can help manage protein loss for diabetics with kidney problem, but the dosage should depend on patients’ medical case. Also, more than one medicine is used to treat this problem. To get correct dosage of herbs to take, you can email your medical report to

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