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Diabetic Nephropathy with Albumin ++++, High Creatinine Level, Itching Skin

Q: My father has been with Diabetes for 15 years. Now his albumin in urine ++++, High Creatinine Level, Itching Skin. Please give me a reply. I am worry about his condition. (Attach his report already)

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Diabetes is a leading cause of Kidney Disease. High creatinine level his kidneys have been damaged more than 50%. His itching on the whole body,reflects his internal toxins are high. So I think he suffered from Diabetic Nephropathy.

Your father is a Diabetic Nephropathy patient,his internal environment is poor, plus his high toxins, high blood pressure, all of these do not allow your father to delay any more. He must receive a systemic treatment as soon as possible. Now only the hemodialysis is not enough, the hemodialysis can only expel the micromolecule toxins, but it can not expell the middle molecule toxins and macromolecule toxins.

Besides, as you know, the peritoneal dialysis is not suitable for your father, it is easy to cause infections, and any infection can worsen the condition.What's more, your father is 73 years old, the long-time dialysis is a suffering for him.

I discussed with our experts group about your father's condition. All our opinion is: now the conservative treatment is the best for your father. On one hand, we will apply the Plasma Exchange and hemodiafiltration to clear all the internal toxins, these two methods are more thorough and effective than the homodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. On the other hand, we will repair your father's damaged renal tissues and nephrons, block his renal fibrosis, protect his remaining kidney function from further damage, adjust his poor internal environment. This is the systemic treatment which can restore the kidneys from the root.

If you can find a specialized kidney disease hospital in your local country and find an effective treatment to repair his kidneys, I suggest your father do the treatment as soon as possible. If you can not find a good treatment, we are glad to share more information to help him. Contact Email:

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