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How to Manage Anemia for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

How to Manage Anemia for Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsKidney damage at different levels is one common complication of diabetes, while the production of red blood cells is affected by kidneys largely. Hence, anemia is more likely to appear in Diabetic Nephropathy. Today, we are here to talk about how to manage anemia for diabetics with kidney disease.

How does Diabetic Nephropathy cause anemia?

In clinic, hemoglobin test is often done to detect anemia, and anemia may occur with diabetic nephropathy because the hormone, erythropoietin (EPO), which regulates the production of red blood cells, is produced by kidneys. When kidneys fail to produce EPO normally, the body can’t make enough red blood cells. Then, anemia occurs easily.

How to treat anemia for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy?

Here, we invite kidney experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to give diabetics with anemia some helpful suggestions.

1. Add foods rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin B 12 into diet: These three nutritions can help the body to produce more red blood cells. If you have anemia, you can try to eat relatively more foods the below listed.

Iron-rich foods: Lean meat, fish, soy bean, rape, tomato, red jujube, black fungus, kelp, etc.

Foods abundant in folic acid: Carrot, lemon, lean meat, grains, milk, potato, orange, cauliflower, and so on.

Foods containing vitamin B12: Lean meat, chicken, egg, milk, dairy products, fish, etc.

2. Take correct medications: If patients can’t get enough iron, folic acid or vitamin B 12 from the foods, patients should take some supplements like iron supplement. In severe cases, patients may even need to take EPO therapy.

3. Improve kidney function level: Only if kidneys can recover to produce enough EPO again, can patients get rid of anemia as well as complications completely. The treatment should consist of two aspects: lowering high blood sugar and rebuilding kidney structure. In view of this, patients can try the combination of Tang Yikang and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can treat Diabetic Nephropathy effectively.

If you are interested about food therapy or medical therapy for treating renal anemia and diabetic nephropathy, you can contact us directly. We are glad to share more information with you.

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