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Diabetes Mellitus, Kidney Disease, Anemia

We receive a medical report from a patients form England who suffered from Diabetes Mellitus, Kidney Disease and Anemia. Here is the analysis of her conditions for your information.

I analyzed your medical test reports and now have a certain understanding of your illness condition. I think you must have a certain understanding of your condition as you has been suffering from DM for so many years and the blood sugar is not control that well even 3 times insulin a day. Then main reason is your unfavorable blood flow, and that is the main reason lead to your kidney problem.

You must have proteinuria as your total protein is that low. You know it is the most common symptom of the DN patients , because glomerular becomes necrosis and sclerosis, thus resulting in increased glomerular permeability. As a result, the proteins in blood will leak into urine through glomeruli. (The main function of glomeruli is like a filter, the nutrition substances are abstracted from the blood, and the waste products are discharge into the initial urine. Most of the protein should be maintained in the human body, only a little protein should be discharged into urine. However, as your glomeruli get damaged,especially the bore diameters as they are bigger which lead to a lot of protein be leaked into the initial urine.)What's more when there are large quantity of the protein in urine, it will cause the edema. And Urea has the same principle as the protein in the urine.

When the kidney get damage to some degree, the hemoglobin will be lower than normal. It is called anemia, there are three degrees for anemia: 9, 6, 3, which indicates the level of the hemoglobin. So your anemia is at slight stage. You know, anemia can lead to fatigue, poor appetite, and heart failure and so on. The cause for anemia is the damage on renal function, because you know kidney secrete EPO which can stimulate the red blood cell production. So if we want to treat the anemia effectively, it is better for us to repair the damaged kidneys. Only the renal function improves, the anemia can be treated.

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