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Sweet Taste In Mouth In Patients With Diabetic Nephritis

Sweet Taste In Mouth In Patients With Diabetic NephritisMany symptoms may appear in patients with diabetic nephritis, and many patients may notice they often have sweet taste in their mouth. In fact, this is a common symptom in diabetic nephritis patients.

It is better for patients to have a better understanding about why they often have sweet state in their mouth, which can help them cope with their condition more appropriately.

Elevated blood glucose

A major and common reason of sweet taste in mouth is patients’ high blood glucose, which can happen when patients have not controlled their blood glucose well. In this time, patients can not excrete insulin normally, and the fat may be decomposed to produce energy which is used to guarantee the body need. While the glucose will accumulate in patients’ body, which will aggravate patients’ condition. In this situation, patients should be injected insulin or take medicines that can control blood glucose.

Digestive disorder

Another common cause of sweet taste in mouth is the disorder of digestive system. Patients with diabetic nephritic can have many complications, and they may have digestive disorder, and that may lead to the abnormal excretion of various digestive enzymes, which may cause patients to have sweet taste in mouth, especially the increase of amylase.

Some medicines

Patients with diabetic nephritis always need to take many medicines, and some medicines may affect patients’ taste sense, which may also cause patients to feel sweet in their mouth.

Nerve problem

Patients with diabetic nephritis often have nerve problem, which may cause patients to have problem in regulating their taste feeling, and patients may also feel sweet in this condition.

Sweet taste in mouth is a common symptom in patients with diabetic nephritis. Except for the treatment in medicine, it is important for them to pay attention to their lifestyle, which can influence their health condition greatly. And patients should consult a nutritionist and their doctor to regulate their life habits.

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