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Diet Chart to Lower High Creatinine for Diabetics

Diet Chart to Lower High Creatinine for DiabeticsFor diabetics, high creatinine level is one big concern, because it is one sign of kidney damage. Diet chart is one important of the whole treatment plan to reduce high creatinine level for diabetics.

- Sugar-free diet chart

High blood sugar level is the root cause of many problems for diabetic kidney disease patients including high creatinine level. Bad control of blood sugar level can induce more severe complications easily, so it is necessary for diabetics to follow a sugar-free diet plan that is helpful to manage creatinine level in the blood.

- Low-sodium diet chart

As damaged kidneys can't determine how much fluid to retain in the body, extra sodium intake will increase the burden on kidneys, causing or worsening swelling and high blood pressure. For diabetics, high blood pressure is one dangerous factor, since it can speed up the progression of kidney disease.

- Low-protein diet chart

A low-protein diet chart is used to avoid overwork of kidneys. Only if remaining kidney functioning tissues are protected, can kidneys remove creatinine and other waste products relatively normally. Besides, patients should make sure at least 50% of protein intake is high-quality.

- Diet containing enough vitamin C

Vitamin C is reported to have the effect of lowering creatinine level, because it is one antioxidant substance that can help protect kidneys from damage and increase glomerular filtration rate. With the increase of GFR, more creatinine can be eliminated from the body every minute.

- Diet containing foods with diuretic properties

Diuretic is one substance that can stimulate kidneys to produce more urine, taking away more waste products including creatinine. Cinnamon, bitter gourd, corn silk, etc, all have this property.

Of course, it is far from enough to lower diabetics' high creatinine level only depending on diet chart. If you want to get more effective methods to deal with your diabetic kidney disease and high creatinine level, just ask help online.

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