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Fruits to Give Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Creatinine 3.5

Fruits to Give Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Creatinine 3.5Some people think patients with Diabetic Nephropathy should avoid fruit, because sugar in the fruits can increase these patients’ blood glucose level. In fact, this is wrong. For patients with diabetic kidney disease and creatinine 3.5, they can still consume some types of fruits.

As introduced by kidney doctors, fresh fruits are delicious and can provide rich vitamin C, minerals and fiber for the body. These nutrients are beneficial to prevent the artery sclerosis, retinopathy and constipation. In general, fruits also contain rich fructose and glucose. To be honest, the metabolism of fructose doesn’t need insulin, and the main composition in fruits that affects blood sugar level is glucose.

If Diabetic Nephropathy patient’s medical condition isn’t controlled very well or their blood sugar level is still very high, they had better avoid fruits. However, if their sugar levels in blood and urine are managed well, they can eat about 100 g of fruits every day and choose fruits which are low in sugar.

Today, we are here to list several types of fruits that are suitable for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy and high creatinine 3.5. If you want to get free help online directly, you can consult doctor online or email to

Grapefruit: The fresh grapefruit juice is claimed to have the property of insulin that can help lower high blood sugar and protect the cardiovascular health.

Cherry: This fruit is rich in antioxidant substances and low in potassium, so they can help protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues. Cherry contains pectin that can increase the secretion of insulin, so as to decline blood sugar level.

Apple: Because the sugar in apple is absorbed slowly, it can reduce high blood sugar to some extent especially after meals. However, diabetics can’t eat too many apples one daily.

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